System Change. Not Climate Change!!! Minga Global 2010

October 15, 2010 at 5:06 pm 3 comments

(This article originally appeared in Spanish here)

Minga Global: In every corner of the planet, those of us who want to save the life are raising our voices against capitalist aggression expressed in the looting and the commodification of life. Because we know that other worlds are not only urgent: they are, above all, possible. And we are building them.

System Change not Climate Change! Taking direct action for climate justice

Climate Justice  Action (CJA): In 2009, indigenous peoples throughout the world called for a global mobilisation ‘In defence of mother earth’ on October 12, reclaiming the day that used to be imposed as ‘Columbus Day’. Responding to this call, and the demand for a day of action for ‘system change, not climate change’ issued by the global movements gathered in Copenhagen last year, Climate Justice Action is proposing a day of direct action for climate justice on October 12, 2010. (Minga Global)

Reports | Barcelona: 12 de octubre en Barcelona. Se exige Juicio a Goni y se denuncia impactos Repsol en Bolivia | Centenars de persones es manifesten per un 12 d’octubre anticapitalista i antiracista (revolta global) | Día de la Resistencia , 12 Octubre Barcelona (video) | (12-0 a BCN) 500 persones contra el colonialisme i la hispanitat (Barcelona indymedia) | La vanguardia (mainstream + vid) | 12 d’octubre de 2010, com sempre, res a celebrar | actes baix republica | Spain: Protestas en el Estado español contra el Día de la Hispanidad | Minga Global 2010: Barcelona Llamada 2010 | Minga Global | Manifestacion Barcelona | Global Week of Action for Climate Justice | Global Day of Action for Climate Justice | Intercontinental Cry | Minga Global 2009: Ultimos noticias | Marxa per la dignitat dels pobles (Barcelona) | Mensaje de Alberto Pizango a la Madre Tierra

Día de la Resistencia  / Day of Resistence, 12 Octubre Barcelona (video)

Next days of Global action for Climate Justice…

1000 CANCUNS – La Via Campesina Callout for COP16 (N29-D10)

( Remembering the yellow CJA signs from Copenhagen, december 2009)

Barcelona, 12 October. Denouncing Repsols impacts in Bolivia


Minga Global in the rest of the world, 12 to 16 October

(We are editing this report with new entries as they come in.)


England: UK’s busiest oil refinery Coryton Blockaded by Hundreds of Crude Awakening protestors | fotos | vid |Indymedia London report and more pics | Mainstream: Protesters block road to oil refinery | Twelve climate activists arrested (Independent)

Crude Awakening: Oil your time is up

It’s OIL over

France: Blockades, direct action and demonstrations in France (not directly in support of Global minga, but full closure of countries oil refineries and some airports, strike against reforms) | Tariq Ali: The French are fighting for all of us | French strikes and protests: live updates oct 19 (Guardian) | French strikes and protests: live updates oct 20 (Guardian) | Belorus: October 14-20. Days of common solidarity actions near Belarusian Embassies

Oil worker and union representative Christophe Hiou delivers a speech as workers protest near the oil refinery in Donges, near Nantes

Oil workers protest shut down the oil refinery in Donges, near Nantes

France Unrest: Street battles in Lyon, blocked Marseille airport, protests in Paris

North America

Canada: London: Protesters Close Down A Shell Gas Station | Shell station shut VID | Indigenous struggles and Latin American-Canadian solidarity | A recorded statement from Jonathan O’Glaisne (audio) | Bikes Not Oil! Rapping at the pumps (audio) | Bikes Not Oil! | Toronto: Solidarity banner drop for G20 arrestee Alex Hundert | US: People Across the U.S. Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day Through Climate Justice Education

Indigenous struggles and Latin American-Canadian solidarity

Shell station shut VID

America Latina

Colombia: Congreso de los Pueblos | Saludo a el congreso de los pueblos (video) | MARCHA DEL CONGRESO DE LOS PUEBLOS BOGOTÁ (video) | Marcha congreso de los pueblos con CRIC (video) | Lectura estratégica del congreso de los pueblos | Proclama, la Palabra del Congreso de los Pueblos de Colombia, “Propuesta de país para una vida digna” | Peru: Marcha nacional por el medio ambiente, los recursos naturales y la democracia | Marcha de los Pueblos, Lima, Peru (album de fotos en facebook) | 2010-10-12 ¡No Hay Presidente, Hay Ratas en Palacio! (vid) | Argentina: La marcha de los pueblos originarios llegó a Plaza de Mayo | Chile: Mapuche prisoners end hunger strike | Bolivia, Guatemala, Chile: Otros reportajes aqui: Día de la Raza


The march of the original Peoples comes to May Square, Argentina

Saludo a el congreso de los pueblos – MINGA GLOBAL, Colombia

An Example from Peru…

12 Oct 2010 – Marcha de los Pueblos / March of the Peoples, Lima, Peru (album de fotos en facebook)

2010-10-12 ¡No Hay Presidente, Hay Ratas en Palacio! (There is no President, There are rats in the Palace)

October 12, ratifying an agreement of regional fronts South Macroregion took place in Tacna and then in Huancayo, around five thousand protesters marched in the capital of the country mainly to demand that the Peruvian gas is to supply the domestic consumption. And also against the electoral fraud against the candidacy of Susana Villaran / Confluence of the Left under the name of  “March of the People”


1.- In defense of Mother Earth.

2.- Constituent Assembly: Multinational and Intercultural Constitution.

3.- Right to sovereign consultation for the peoples.

4.- No to the privatization of natural resources and indigenous territories.

5.- No gas export, gas is for the Peruvians.

6.- Repeal of Supreme Decree No. 003-2006.PCM.

7.- No to the destruction of the National Sanctuary of Megantoni.

8.- For decent employment, salaries and wages.

9.- No to the criminalization of social protest and political persecution.

10.- No to privatization of land up to 40,000 hectares

11.- No expropriation of land in the rural communities of Olmos.

12.- Defense of the Andean peoples’ lands against mining concession.

13 .- No to hydroelectric dams at Inambari Paquitzapango, Salta Pucara, Langui Languna of Laius.

14.- No to electoral fraud by regional and municipal governments.

Organised and supported by the following:






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Cambia el Sistema, No el Clima!!! Minga Global 2010 1000 cancuns – Barelona node + general commentry on where the “climate justice movement” might go…

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