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Canadian business and state denounced by a Canadian in Brussels, due to their complicitness in murdering of Colombian Indigenous

RADIO INTERVIEWCanada denounced for complicitness in murdering of Colombian Indigenous (please distribute widely – transcript below)

3 days ago a group from the SOCIAL AND CLIMATE JUSTICE CARAVAN visited the Canadian embassy in Brussels to seek protection for a man from Colombia who has received death treaths from Colombian Paramilitaries. The Canadian state is responsible for this due to upcoming free trade agreements as well as, along with the US, not signing the charter to protect indigenous around the world. Also Canadian mining business COSIGO RESOURCES are implicated in using these paramilitaries to obtain native lands.

(more photos here )

Dave Bleakney of the Canadian union of postal workers entered, was nearly forcibly evicted from the building but activists from all continents of the world outside blocked the door, blocking the police action. A woman rep from the embassy came down, they talked, dave left.

This interview is what dave said upon leaving the embassy, without police harrassment this time, about his view on his countries dirty business action.



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Daves Diary – SYSTEM CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE – the journey from WTO @ Geneva to COP15 @ Copenhagen

There are some things that happen that make us good to be alive, even in these times of fear and greed. The Trade to Climate Caravan is one of those moments. People have come from around the world from the worst of environmental and social situations to demand and claim a better world save our planet from those that wish to profit out of the death of the biosphere.

We have learned about and shared important struggles that shine a light on our collective dignity. We make tell each other about not only of our resistance but of our hopes and movements and dreams of a better place.

This is more than a friendship but borne of political solidarity, labour and land ownership, climate justice, the exploitation of the south by the north, even knowing that you can find pockets of the south in the north and the north in the south. It is a world out of balance where absurdity passes for logic and the cry of humanity and mother earth is ignored at best, and people are shot and disappear at worst.

We have invitations and choices to fight for our humanity and planet in these times. There is no middle ground. We will defy them. We will build our links and resistance and polish them with deep respect and commitment to our diversity and our common bonds.


December 9, 2009 at 8:39 am 1 comment

Colombian paramilitaries assassinate indigenous leader in the name of Canadian multinationals (call out for global solidarity climate justice action)

RADIO INTERVIEWCanada business involved in killing indigenous colombian farmers (please distribute widely – transcript below)

Colombian paramilitaries assassinate indigenous leader in the name of Canadian multinationals

One of the climate caravan participants, José Goyes, is part of a movement in Colombia called the Resguardo de Honduras Cauca. He lives in a fertile area in the south of the country, which is rich in vegetation, but also in mineral resources such as gold. This area has recently become the sight of a bitter struggle by the indigenous people whose livelihoods depend on this land, and the multinational corporations who are intent on exploiting it, apparently at any cost.

Canadian multinationals, and in particular a corporation called Cosigo Resources (Vancouver), are embarking on a programme of mass displacement of indigenous populations in south east Colombia. The Colombian government is supporting these multinationals; in the name of the Colombian government paramilitaries are persecuting and killing local indigenous people who oppose the forceful seizure of their land.

Many of the indigenous leaders, including José Goyes, have been threatened because they oppose the exploration of Cosigo Resources. On Sunday, we received the news that one of the indigenous leaders in the struggle had been killed. This brings the death toll of indigenous leaders in the region to five. These deaths are happening purely because the local populations are refusing to cooperate with the multinationals and government paramilitaries who are expelling them from their land.

José himself recently received a fax from the paramilitaries, stating that he and his organisation are considered a “military objective”. Jose has already had paramilitaries torture him in his own home. Now he knows his life is even more seriously in danger.


December 9, 2009 at 8:30 am 6 comments

** PRESS RELEASE** Canada linked to Indigenous murders in Colombia (audio included)

For Immediate Release

Social & Climate Justice Caravan
Canada: Human Rights Hypocrites
7 December 2009

Legislation ratifying a free trade agreement between Canada & Columbia is being passed in the Canadian Parliament. Canadian officials, claim that a free trade agreement with Colombia, will result in an improved human rights situation in Colombia. In recent days in Columbia five indigenous leaders have been murdered for their opposition to the Canadian mining firm Cosigo Resources of Vancouver.

It is objectionable that Canadian transnational companies are complicit in human rights abuses of this magnitude. Canada remains one of two countries that refuse to sign & ratify the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples. How can the Canadian government claim that Free trade agreement will improve human rights, when they refuse to acknowledge the importance of Indigenous rights?

Olivier de Marcellus 0041793427025 (French English)
Dave Bleakney (Canadian Postal Workers, English), and Jose Goyes (CRIC, Colombia, Spanish), 0032-489281693
Audio interview MP3 28 mins –

Spanish and French versions below


December 7, 2009 at 1:45 am 6 comments

Climate Caravan Reader – Click image to read PDF

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