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The Cochabamba Global Convergance call out: Local assembly and listening points

Greetings to all those working for global climate justice

The COP15 process was a disaster, all are agreed. It is up to us, global social movements to organize and bring about change, now!. The next very important step starts in 4 days time in Cochabamba, Bolivia: World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (april 19 monday -22 thursday). There is a call out for a Hemispheric convergence (from american to global) the creation of local physical spaces during these dates in an attempt to further horizontalize the process, allow for more people to participate, to act as local gathering points to:

1 – listen to/ watch output from Cochabamba
2 – create local assemblies to discuss global/ local issues, strategies etc…
3 – participate via local assemblies with groups in cochabamba via Mayfirst collective who will be “organising virtual interactive meetings”

See end of post for technical details or view original call out from Alfredo Lopez alfredo at Join us at Cochabamba/USA event April 20!

The idea of more people / groups / networks participating together in a singular point in time in their local area, is perhaps a vital mechanism / space / system that we, social movements, have not utilized to its full potential. If we push it, we might really feel that WE ARE WINNING.

Last December in cold Copenhagen much things happened. Since, most people only think about the disaster of the official COP15, but for more of us who were there on the streets, magical things happened that have filled us with hope and on which we are building. 100,000 marched in Copenhagen on the Saturday demanding SYSTEM CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE. This PEOPLES ASSEMBLY in Cochabamba is but the second step!

During those cold days of activity on the streets of Copenhagen, RECLAIM POWER was the main CJA (climate justice action) demo. We succeeded in our aim, partly (due to police violence not allowing people inside the centre out- gaurdian vid here), which was to create an open, horizontal space for a PEOPLES ASSEMBLY. We managed to make a live radio stream of that assembly thanks to indymedia and dissident island (  THE PEOPLES ASSEMBLY | POST HORIZONTAL PROCESS FEEDBACK SESSION + Joyfull insights | RECLAIM POWER SOUNDSCAPE ), but only a few people listened. If we can improve this area of COMMUNICATION, perhaps we can really radicalise our battle, lets try next week. Full streams from Cochabamba in both Spanish and English can be viewed also at

Climate Camp UK is sending a few people to Bolivia. They will be using Twitter to link to news, reports, info, multimedia uploads and blogs before, during and after the conference: Also, you can follow what’s going & feedback to climate camp people in Bolivia here: ning, blog and facebook.

We have had initial discussions about setting up these “listening nodes” to plug into the MAYFIRST network in Dublin, Ireland (via seomra spraoi) and in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain (transition, el clima no esta en venda, decreixament groups). We will add more as we hear of them. A previous similar experiment was tried during the 2007 world social forum in Kenya: Indymedia radio support for WSF 2007 from Kenya +

This is step 2… paso a paso, hasta la victoria…



(Peoples assembly @ Copenhagen 2009 – the first step…)

( covered Copenhagen and will stream out in Spanish and English from Cochabamba)



April 15, 2010 at 10:58 am 8 comments

Reclaim Power, that talk, that “riot”, that action, the consequences

Just over a month ago in Copenhagen’s free town of Cristiania there were firey words spoken, followed by baracades of fire, conflict with riot police and mass arrests of cliamte justice activists.  The talk, with Noami Klein and others, led to the later arrest of Tadzio Muller for “instigating a riot” under the new Danish “anti terrorist laws“. The talk was our “party night”, December 14th 2009, 2 days before the RECLAIM POWER demo… PUSHING FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE

Below is the video compilation of that important talk, what happened after and what that has led to. Reclaim Power was not an end in itself, it was only that hugely difficult and important first step…

That talk

Reclaim Power with Naomi Klein, Michael Heart, Tadzio Müller and Lisa Fithian

(Video in 9 Parts, thanks to professorakbar, see end of article for all embedded vids)

That “riot”

Democracy Now report: Danish Police Raid Climate Justice Gathering

Meanwhile, outside the summit, Danish police are intensifying their crackdown on climate justice activists. Late last night riot police raided Copenhagens autonomous community of Christiania as it played host to a party organized by protest groups. Witnesses say police fired tear gas directly at the party as attendees were dancing and gathering inside. Some protesters were said to have thrown bottles at police and set fire to barricades. More than 200 people were reportedly arrested. The Christiania raid comes ahead of a massive act of civil disobedience planned for Wednesday. Organizers of the Reclaim Power action say theyll disrupt the summit and hold a peoples assembly giving voice to those calling for climate justice.


January 29, 2010 at 12:28 pm 21 comments

Cambiando el mundo despuis CPH | Changing the world after Copenhagen – fotos, vids, audios, commenteries – VIVA PACHAMAMA

El Pueblo unido jamás será vencido

(The people united, will never be defeated)

Slowly getting back to the “normal world” after hectic, v intense time @ CPH, followed by switch off time in nature and wandering to reflect on it all, and to prepare for next chapter…

Lentemente, volviendo al “mundo normal” despuis estas dias tan loco y intenso @ CPH ( copenhagen), siguendo con tiempo solo en la natura y viajando por reflechir sobre todos, y por preparar por la proximo capitulo en esta historia…

Esta articulo tiene algunas de los links principales por fotos, video, audio, articulos y mas despuis nuestras luchas en los callers frios de Copenhagen

This article has some of the principal links to photos, video, audio, articles and more from our struggles in the cold streets of Copenhagen


(long live mother earth)

(video – Peoples assembly)


January 12, 2010 at 1:02 pm 17 comments

Failure and Victory in Copenhagen (includes audio interview)

For many of us coming back from Copenhagen full of hope and energy, it was strange to see that many people who followed the summit from afar see what happened there as catastrophic.. But it has been clear for some time that « at best » they were only going to impose their false (but highlyl profitable) solutions. Clear headed political analysts, like leading scientists such as James Hansen, were already saying  that No Deal would be better than a Bad Deal. Finally the deal was so bad that it was impossible to impose (the so-called Copenhagen Accord was not agreed by all parties).

Appalled by our rulers’ greed and total irresponsibility, many don’t realise that this tragic farce – and the unified action of different grassroots networks – has opened a new  political space where real solutions have a chance. As I write, Evo Morales’s announcement of an alternative climate summit of social movements arrives. The space is widening. As one slogan put it « Who’s summit ? Our summit ! »

Related Audio file: After many battles in Copenhagen, where does the climate justice movement go from here.


January 2, 2010 at 3:53 pm 7 comments

Echec et victoire à Copenhague (avec audio)

Pour nous, qui sont revenus de Copenhagen pleins d’espoir et d’énergie, c’était étrange de se rendre compte que beaucoup de ceux et celles qui ont suivi l’affaire de loin l’on vécu comme une catastrophe. Pourtant, c’était évident depuis un moment qu’il y aurait « au mieux » un accord sur de fausses (quoique très profitables) solutions. Les analystes critiques, comme des savants de pointe comme James Hansen, disaient déjà que No Deal serait mieux que leur Bad Deal. Finalement le deal proposé était si mauvais qu’il était impossible de l’imposer (le soi-disant Accord de Copenhague n’a pas été accepté par toutes les parties).

Dégoûtés par la cupidité et irresponsabilité totale des puissants, beaucoup ne se rendent pas compte que cette farce tragique – et l’action unitaire de différents réseaux de base – a ouvert un nouvel espace politique dans lequel de vraies solutions ont une chance. Alors que j’écris, arrive l’invitation de Evo Morales à un sommet mondial des mouvements sociaux sur le changement climatique. L’espace grandit. Comme disait un des slogans à Copenhague « Who’s summit ? Our summit ! »

Related Audio file: After many battles in Copenhagen, where does the climate justice movement go from here.


January 2, 2010 at 3:49 pm 1 comment

HANDEL MACHT KLIMA-Karawane Tagebuch

Freitag, 11.12.09: Kopenhagen


´Don´t buy the lie´ war das Motto vom heutigen Anti-Corporate-Day. Als Sammelpunkt dient der Nytorv Platz in der Innenstadt, Ziel ist die Störung von Lobby-Arbeit durch dänische Konzerne. Farbige Bänder kennzeichnen die Gruppen: Eine Gruppe will versuchen, in die Gebäude zu kommen, eine Gruppe soll sie schützen. Die Noise-Group macht sich mit Samba-Band auf den Weg, die Visibility-Gruppe soll Sichtbarkeit mit zum Beispiel Plakaten oder Graffities kreieren. Momo hat ein blaues Band, aber was es heißt, weiß sie nicht. Irgendwie enden alle ab als Noise-Gruppe, vielfach durchschnitten und teilweise gekesselt durch Polizeiketten. Das eine Mal hilft Dreistigkeit, um durchzukommen. Das andere Mal werden Dunk und Suria von Polizisten in den Kessel hineingezogen und gestoßen, der Rest ihrer Bezugsgruppe steht noch draußen und kann es nicht fassen. Dunk nutzt die Präsenz mehrerer Kameras, Suria über die Situation bei sich zu Hause und ihre Gründe für ihr Kommen zu interviewen. Die Polizisten stehen dumpf daneben und geben irgendwann auf – allerdings nur, um dann den Rest der Bezugsgruppe mit zu kesseln. Aber nicht für lange, dann verziehen sie sich lieber.

So geht es noch länger weiter – ist ganz lustig.



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Canadian business and state denounced by a Canadian in Brussels, due to their complicitness in murdering of Colombian Indigenous

RADIO INTERVIEWCanada denounced for complicitness in murdering of Colombian Indigenous (please distribute widely – transcript below)

3 days ago a group from the SOCIAL AND CLIMATE JUSTICE CARAVAN visited the Canadian embassy in Brussels to seek protection for a man from Colombia who has received death treaths from Colombian Paramilitaries. The Canadian state is responsible for this due to upcoming free trade agreements as well as, along with the US, not signing the charter to protect indigenous around the world. Also Canadian mining business COSIGO RESOURCES are implicated in using these paramilitaries to obtain native lands.

(more photos here )

Dave Bleakney of the Canadian union of postal workers entered, was nearly forcibly evicted from the building but activists from all continents of the world outside blocked the door, blocking the police action. A woman rep from the embassy came down, they talked, dave left.

This interview is what dave said upon leaving the embassy, without police harrassment this time, about his view on his countries dirty business action.


December 10, 2009 at 4:09 pm 1 comment

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