The Cochabamba Global Convergance call out: Local assembly and listening points

April 15, 2010 at 10:58 am 8 comments

Greetings to all those working for global climate justice

The COP15 process was a disaster, all are agreed. It is up to us, global social movements to organize and bring about change, now!. The next very important step starts in 4 days time in Cochabamba, Bolivia: World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (april 19 monday -22 thursday). There is a call out for a Hemispheric convergence (from american to global) the creation of local physical spaces during these dates in an attempt to further horizontalize the process, allow for more people to participate, to act as local gathering points to:

1 – listen to/ watch output from Cochabamba
2 – create local assemblies to discuss global/ local issues, strategies etc…
3 – participate via local assemblies with groups in cochabamba via Mayfirst collective who will be “organising virtual interactive meetings”

See end of post for technical details or view original call out from Alfredo Lopez alfredo at Join us at Cochabamba/USA event April 20!

The idea of more people / groups / networks participating together in a singular point in time in their local area, is perhaps a vital mechanism / space / system that we, social movements, have not utilized to its full potential. If we push it, we might really feel that WE ARE WINNING.

Last December in cold Copenhagen much things happened. Since, most people only think about the disaster of the official COP15, but for more of us who were there on the streets, magical things happened that have filled us with hope and on which we are building. 100,000 marched in Copenhagen on the Saturday demanding SYSTEM CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE. This PEOPLES ASSEMBLY in Cochabamba is but the second step!

During those cold days of activity on the streets of Copenhagen, RECLAIM POWER was the main CJA (climate justice action) demo. We succeeded in our aim, partly (due to police violence not allowing people inside the centre out- gaurdian vid here), which was to create an open, horizontal space for a PEOPLES ASSEMBLY. We managed to make a live radio stream of that assembly thanks to indymedia and dissident island (  THE PEOPLES ASSEMBLY | POST HORIZONTAL PROCESS FEEDBACK SESSION + Joyfull insights | RECLAIM POWER SOUNDSCAPE ), but only a few people listened. If we can improve this area of COMMUNICATION, perhaps we can really radicalise our battle, lets try next week. Full streams from Cochabamba in both Spanish and English can be viewed also at

Climate Camp UK is sending a few people to Bolivia. They will be using Twitter to link to news, reports, info, multimedia uploads and blogs before, during and after the conference: Also, you can follow what’s going & feedback to climate camp people in Bolivia here: ning, blog and facebook.

We have had initial discussions about setting up these “listening nodes” to plug into the MAYFIRST network in Dublin, Ireland (via seomra spraoi) and in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain (transition, el clima no esta en venda, decreixament groups). We will add more as we hear of them. A previous similar experiment was tried during the 2007 world social forum in Kenya: Indymedia radio support for WSF 2007 from Kenya +

This is step 2… paso a paso, hasta la victoria…



(Peoples assembly @ Copenhagen 2009 – the first step…)

( covered Copenhagen and will stream out in Spanish and English from Cochabamba)

Saludos a tod@s luchando por justicia social y climatico

El proceso de la COP 15 fue un desastre, todos están de acuerdo. Entonces, ahora es por nosotros, los movimientos sociales globales para organizar y producir el cambio, ahora!. El siguiente paso muy importante comienza en 4 días en Cochabamba, Bolivia: Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climático y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra (Lunes 19 de abril -22 jueves). Hay un llamado por una Hemispheric convergence (desde america hasta el mundo) a cabo para la creación de espacios físicos locales en estas fechas en un intento de horizontalizar aún más el proceso, permiten que más gente participe, para actuar como puntos de reunión local para:

1 – escuchar y ver cosas de Cochabamba
2 – crear asambleas locales para discutir a nivel mundial y locales, los problemas, estrategias, etc ..
3 – participar a través de las asambleas locales con grupos en Cochabamba a través de Mayfirst collectivo que será “la organización de reuniones virtuales interactivos”

Ver al final del post para más detalles técnicos o de vistas al exterior original de la convocatoria de Alfredo Lopez alfredo at here: Join us at Cochabamba/USA event April 20!

La idea de que más personas, grupos y redes que participan juntos en un punto singular en el tiempo en su área local, es tal vez un mecanismo vital / espacio / sistema que nosotros, los movimientos sociales, no han utilizado todo su potencial. Si lo empuje, que realmente puede sentir que  WE ARE WINNING, estamos ganando.

En diciembre pasado las cosas en el frío de Copenhague pasó mucho. Dado que, la mayoría de las personas sólo piensan en el desastre de la COP 15 oficiales, pero para más de nosotros que estuvimos allí en la calle, cosas mágicas paso que nos han llenado de esperanza y en la que estamos construyendo. 100.000 marcharon en Copenhague, el sábado exigentes CAMBIO DEL SISTEMA NO CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO. Esta Asamblea de Pueblos en Cochabamba no es más que el segundo paso!

Durante esos días fríos de la actividad en las calles de Copenhague, Reclaim Power fue el principal CJA (acción climática justicia) manifestacion. Hemos logrado nuestro objetivo, en parte (debido a la violencia policial no permite a las personas en el interior del centro hacia fuera-gaurdian vid aquí), que era crear un espacio abierto, horizontal para una ASAMBLEA LOS PUEBLOS. Nos las arreglamos para hacer una secuencia de radio en vivo de la asamblea que gracias a indymedia y la isla de disidentes (audio – THE PEOPLES ASSEMBLY | POST HORIZONTAL PROCESS FEEDBACK SESSION + Joyfull insights | RECLAIM POWER SOUNDSCAPE ), pero escuchaba sólo unas pocas personas. Si podemos mejorar esta área de la comunicación, tal vez realmente puede radicalizar nuestra lucha, vamos a tratar la próxima semana. Lleno arroyos de Cochabamba en español y en Inglés se puede ver también en

Hemos tenido discusiones iniciales sobre la configuración de estos “listening nodes”, “nodos para escuchar”, para conectar con la red MAYFIRST en Dublín, Irlanda (a través de seomra spraoi) y en Barcelona, Catalunya, España ((transition, el clima no esta en venda, decreixament grupos)
Un experimento similar anterior fue tratado durante el Foro Social Mundial 2007 en Kenia: Indymedia radio support for WSF 2007 from Kenya +

Este es el paso 2 … Paso a Paso, Hasta La Victoria …

Saludos de Barcelona


Initial call out –
Re: [ClimateInsider] [Fwd: Who would like to interact live with the Bolivia Climate conference?]
See original call out from Alfredo Lopez alfredo at here: Join us at Cochabamba/USA event April 20!

From: Nick Buxton
To: climateinsider Response ; Julia del Carmen Sanchez
Sent: Wed, 14 April, 2010 21:29:11
Subject: [ClimateInsider] [Fwd: Who would like to interact live with the Bolivia Climate conference?]

The Mayfirst collective will be organising virtual interactive meetings between Bolivia and the US, and are willing to expand this internationally to those who are interested.

Please read and email if you are interested in participatingnd forward on a!

> Thanks Olivia and Hi everyone,
> I’m Alfredo from May First/People Link. We’re privileged to be working
> on technology at the Conference with a crew of people from several
> countries and so far it’s been a wonderful experience.
> We’re doing webcasting from the conference to all over the place and we
> want to go one step farther — a step that will take us in hopefully a
> very powerful and productive direction.
> On Tuesday, April 20 at 7:00 pm Eastern time, we want to join groups of
> people in various cities of this country with the conference as
> participants and we’re gonna do this by Internet technology.
> I’m enclosing a link to a page that explains what’s what but let me
> briefly describe it:
> Essentially, you have a group of people in your city in one room with a
> computer (if you have a crowd of more than 20 you’ll probably need a
> computer projector and speakers). Most computers have a mic and a camera
> but, if your’s doesn’t, you’ll need those. These things sound daunting
> but they are usually pretty easy to find with a couple of days notice.
> You log into a website which we’ll give you the url for in like a day or
> so — we’re still setting it up. And you click on a couple of buttons
> and you’re now on-line with the rest of the cities that are
> participating.
> You can talk to anyone on-line, you can see everyone on-line.
> We’re going to try and have people from as many delegations as possible
> on the Cochabamba side and so the back and forth conversation will
> hopefully be energizing and informative.
> So can we be in touch? My cell is 347 675-0953. You have my email as
> well. Questions, suggestions and, most of all, let us know if you’re
> interested in participating. We’ll give all the support we can.
> Here’s that link:
> Abrazos,
> Alfredo

– —
Alfredo Lopez
May First/People Link
Growing Networks to Build a Just World

Chair — Information Communications and Technology Working Group
United State Social Forum 2010


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Reclaim Power, that talk, that “riot”, that action, the consequences La llamada de Cochabamba – asembleas locales y nodos para connectar

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