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1000 cancuns – Barelona node + general commentry on where the “climate justice movement” might go…

HEY DUDERS, hope ye are all well, wherever ye are in this strange planet.

just watched eamons film again, Under pressure, great stuff, a lot of ideas buzzing about stuff to do to assist the struggle in ireland against shell. GOOD vid from the guardian about the situation and theworsening of things with “men in masks” giving beatings to pacifist farmer willie corduff as well as mad connections with attempts at coup de etats in bolivia…

Were setting up a barcelona node to participate in the call from la via campesina for 1000 cancuns, see info on that below. Brixton in london will also have a node – Cancun in Brixton | 1000 Solutions | Cop -16 . the idea is to have stuff on for the days leading up to and during the COP16 in cancun; space to come and learn whats going on, to talk about how to make things more sustainable and just here in our local world, barcelona, catalunya, spain, europe..  also hopefully there will be much talks, at varying scales, about what we can do both globally and locally to sort the shit, hopefully much non violent direct action to “be the change that you seek in the world” as NVDA guru gandhi put it. Great vid about how direct action got results in shutting down kingsnorht but then winning in the courts, a must see for anyone interested in “climate justice”.we had a very very good initial talk this evening to get things going here for the barcelona node during 1000 cancuns, with some of the founders of the 350 campaign, and related campaign groups. also have had much talks and proposals made to many latin american networks here in the city, around the hub of the squatted social centre on the rambla, barrilonia, who put on cracking parties every week, sometimes with the excellent chilean folk collective aukan collectivo

so, i write to some of you, in the hope that, together, we can build on the foundations we have, dream bigger, have hope we will win, then do the work to realize our dreams (todos somos buddhas….)



November 2, 2010 at 1:00 am 1 comment

Cambia el Sistema, No el Clima!!! Minga Global 2010

Minga Global: En cada rincón del planeta, quienes queremos salvar la vida levantaremos nuestras voces contra la agresión capitalista expresada en el saqueo y la mercantilización de la vida. Porque sabemos que otros mundos no son solo urgentes: son, sobre todo, posibles. Y ya los estamos construyendo.

Cambiar el sistema no el clima! Tomando accion directa por justicia climatico

Justicia Climática Acción (CJA): En 2009, los pueblos indígenas en todo el mundo llama por una movilizac ión mundial ‘en defensa de la ma dre tierra’  en el 12 de octubre, de recuperar el día en que solía ser impuesta como ‘Día de  Colon / Dia de la Hispanidad’. En respuesta a esta convocatoria, y la demanda de un día de acción de ‘cambio de sistema, no el cambio climático’ emitidos por los movimientos mundiales se reunieron en Copenhague el año pasado, la Justicia Climática Acción (CJA) propone un día de acción directa por la justicia climática el 12 de octubre, 2010. (Minga Global)

Reportajes | Barcelona: 12 de octubre en Barcelona. Se exige Juicio a Goni y se denuncia impactos Repsol en Bolivia | Centenars de persones es manifesten per un 12 d’octubre anticapitalista i antiracista (revolta global) | Día de la Resistencia , 12 Octubre Barcelona (video) | (12-0 a BCN) 500 persones contra el colonialisme i la hispanitat (Barcelona indymedia) | La vanguardia (mainstream + vid) | 12 d’octubre de 2010, com sempre, res a celebrar | actes baix republica | España: Protestas en el Estado español contra el Día de la Hispanidad | Minga Global 2010: Barcelona Llamada 2010 | Minga Global | Manifestacion Barcelona | Global Week of Action for Climate Justice | Global Day of Action for Climate Justice | Intercontinental Cry | Minga Global 2009: Ultimos noticias | Marxa per la dignitat dels pobles (Barcelona) | Mensaje de Alberto Pizango a la Madre Tierra

Día de la Resistencia , 12 Octubre Barcelona (video)

Proximo dias de accion Global por la Justicia Climática…

¡Miles de Cancún por la justicia climática! La llamada de La Via Campesina por COP16 (N29-D10)

(los pancartas amarillas de CJA en Copenhagen, decembre 2009)


October 15, 2010 at 1:41 pm 3 comments

Climate Caravan Reader – Click image to read PDF

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